About CocoSina

CocoSina is a Samoan brand, produced by Pacific Oil, a Samoan company. We are extremely proud of our Samoan origins and are committed to promoting health and nutrition while supporting local communities and farmers in Samoa.

The coconut industry is vital to the farmers and people of Samoa and we work together with our farmers to promote the best sustainable farming practices.

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Ethical practices, local communities

We are fully committed to fair and ethical farming practices that benefit everyone involved in production and consumption. We focus all of our resources on bringing customers a premium, 100% natural product that promotes healthy living and sustainable farming communities.

Cocosina is supported by over 800 registered farmers throughout Samoa who supply the raw material for CocoSina products. The production and sale of CocoSina products, therefore, helps the local farmers and their families, as well as contributing significantly to the ongoing development of the country’s coconut industry. 

Premium, all natural product

CocoSina uses coconuts from the traditional “Samoan Tall” variety of coconut tree. This particular variety yields the best quality oil. Other hybrid varieties have been introduced to Samoa recently, but these do not produce the same high quality. CocoSina insists on using only a premium, natural product.