Our Story

The rich culture and history of the people of Samoa are what embody CocoSina, our products and the brand. We want everyone to experience the truly magnificent benefits of the coconut tree.

The coconut has over a thousand uses and throughout generations it has played a key part in the daily life of Samoan people. It is a source of sustenance, food and nutrition as well as providing the materials and necessities for everyday life.


In the South Pacific region the coconut tree is often referred to as the “Tree of Life”. At CocoSina we draw our inspiration from this nurturing element and from the legend of Sina and the Eel, a story of Samoan folklore that is reflected in our design of a traditional siapo (a painted Samoan cloth made of bark). 

The legend of Sina and the Eel

According to Samoan folklore, there was once a beautiful girl called Sina who had a small pet eel. When the eel grew, it fell in love with Sina, making her afraid. She tried to run away, but the eel followed her. Sina sought refuge in a village, and thinking that she had escaped, went to the village well to get water. However, when Sina looked into the well she saw the eel staring up at her.

Upon hearing her screams, the village chiefs came and killed the eel. As it was dying, the eel asked Sina to plant its head in the ground. She followed its request and the first coconut tree grew from the ground where she had planted the eel’s head.

When the husk is removed from a coconut, there are three round marks which appear like the face, or two eyes and a mouth, of the eel. One of the marks is pierced for drinking the coconut water, so legend says that when Sina takes a drink, she is kissing the eel.